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Maioris Hotels feature a modern, executive, efficient and distinctive style that allows you to enjoy in every hotel a standardized service with comfortable rooms, as well as the access to our Signus Restaurant, fully equipped function rooms and big, safe parking lot.

The hotels offer 24-hour front desk attention and room service to make your stay the best.

Perfect for guests seeking relaxation. The best of us comes from the customer service, created to make you feel at home.

Designed to make you experience a perfect stay, comfort and hospitality. Over 20 years of experience back us up.


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Maioris Hotels put within your reach the best hotel deals in Culiacan, Navolato, Guadalajara and La Paz. Book direct here and enjoy a perfect stay.


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Maioris Culiacan El Diez Hotel

Maioris Culiacan Navolato Hotel

Maioris Jesus Kumate Hotel

Maioris La Paz Hotel

Maioris Guadalajara Hotel



Maioris Culiacán El Diez

Teléfono: +52 (667) 760 5014  and +52 (667) 76 06039

Maioris Culiacán Jesús Kumate

Teléfono: +52 (667) 727 3636

Maioris Navolato

Teléfono: +52(672) 727 4718   y  +52(672)  727 1582

Maioris Real Guadalajara

Teléfono: +52 (333) 1 33 0138  and  +52 (333)  35 3349

Maioris La Paz

Teléfonos: +52 (612) 124 6500  and   +52 (612) 124 6600